We propose three kind of boards: 

EASY DOT is soft and can be stuck several time on any clean surface.

TAKO is soft and perfectly smooth and can be re-used almost forever on very smooth surfaces like glass.

Magnetic rigid are ready to use, we advice to buy also our tubular support with wheels.



  • Easy Dot sheet board
    <p>Easy Dot is a flexible plastic sheet that can stick to any clean surface. You can use it again several times.</p>
  • TAKO sheet Boards
    <p>Tako is a plastic sheet perfectly smooth that can be washed and use again almost forever. It sticks better on smooth clean surfaces. All our Tako boards are treated to be re-writable.</p>
  • Rigid magnetic boards
    <p>Our rigid boards are printed on magnetic supports. They avoid that you would have to stick a soft one on another board. Therefore it is convenient to use. We propose to deliver it with our  LeanTek@ support with wheels.</p>

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