Physical Equipment

Because beyond theories we know Genba reality, we selected this range of physical equipment in order to build a modular professional environment, clever and economical storage.

As we mean to answer exactly to your need, most of those products will be designed specifically for you. Their 0€ price indicate that you have to contact us in order to define what you actually need.

We shall make it happen.

Physical Equipment


  • Tubular and modular...
    <p>In collaboration with our partner, we design and build the adapted solutions</p> <p>for your needs in production, logistic and wherever...</p>
  • AGV Auto Guided Vehicle
    <p>Guided by RFID or magnetic strip, those robots are the solution</p> <p>for repeated logistic transport.</p> <p>It brins regularity and decrease the Muda (waist).</p> <p></p> <p>As each customer has unique needs, please contact us to go further.</p>
  • Logistic train and...
    <p>We selected the most reliable partners in order to provide you the right logistic equipment.</p> <p></p> <p>Please contact us to study your case together</p>

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